Journal to the Self ™: A six week course which introduces you to a toolbox of 16 techniques that you can start using in your life ASAP to help you move towards the life you desire. You can use the techniques you have learned to : help tolerate and move through distressing emotions, heal relationships,find your voice, explore and connect with your passions and much more.

Essentially you will be diving deep into the waters of self discovery - what you do with this information is up to you!

You do NOT have to be a good writer to do this, you do have to be open to possibilities! *This is the only course that I offer both online and in person.

Cost : Individual $350 Group $300


I offer individual and family counseling to Adolescents, Adults and Older Adults to assist them in coping with grief, loss, life transitions, low self esteem, anxiety, depression and trauma. 


1. Rescript : Uses a combination of Narrative Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy and Therapeutic Writing to help identify the conflict that creates distress and assists participants in letting go of their problem saturated story and script a new story of their lives. 

2. Recon Mission: A group  developed for Veterans and other trauma survivors suffering from PTSD , relational issues and decline in functioning.