I decided to do the journal writing course with Anjana a couple of months ago, unsure of where it would lead me. For me, this has been an intimate journey with my soul and along the way I have found many gems that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

It has given me an opportunity to reflect on my life – past, present and future. I have a better understanding of some of the key events of my life and the choices that I have made. It has also helped me understand what I value most in my life.

When you go through the exercises, it is just your soul, your thoughts, your words. There is no one else.  We all live very busy lives- fulfilling, and at times, challenging. The Journal Writing course provides you with a unique opportunity to go under the surface of daily routines and the hustle and bustle of your life and reflect on where you have been and where you want to go, and to have a dialogue with your self.

You can do the activities at your own pace, which was really handy. Anjana helps you along the way with her astute observations, guidance and feedback.  Today,  I am thankful  that I did the course." - AU , Sydney, Australia

I give grateful praise to Anjana Deshpande as a satisfied student/customer/journal writer/trauma survivor who felt the security of containment working with her in the online Journal to the Self class. It was clear to me from the beginning that she has the sensitivity, depth, and capacity to help a guy with a battalion of internal child soldiers learn to do the JTTS techniques; I am now able gently to decommission the army and let all those little boys be kids again and play on safe playgrounds.
P. H - Mississippi