About Me

Anjana is a psychotherapist and international speaker. She is on the faculty of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and specializes in working with adults that are dealing with trauma, grief, transitions, anxiety, depression and a lack of purpose in life.


Anjana believes that each one of us has an inner wisdom that we lose touch with during times of stress. Her methods focus on assisting people to connect with their higher functioning brain through approaches such as Therapeutic Writing, Post Traumatic Growth, Schema Therapy and Narrative Therapy.


Words don’t change us, experiences do, and for that reason, Anjana focuses on experiential therapies which allow clients to come to their own conclusions about their situation.


Anjana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Pennsylvania, USA, and is a Certified Journal and Poetry Therapist. Anjana Deshpande is the founder of Writethought, LLC  through which she offers Clinical Supervision and trains both clients and clinicians in Therapeutic Writing techniques.