Therapeutic Writing

About Therapeutic Writing

Our brain is one of the most evolved part of the most complex organism in the universe as we know it. It is a miracle of creation. However, when we are stressed, we lose access to that very part of the brain that helps us relax, come up with creative solutions and find our way out of chaos. One of the ways to tap into this brain is by using therapeutic writing.

 At times, the unlimited possibilities of a blank paper can be overwhelming for an agitated mind. Therapeutic Writing introduces an element of control and direction to our expression, and helps us create meaning out of our experience.

Therapeutic Writing is different from creative writing. The creative writing piece can be a fallout of the therapeutic writing process, but it is not the goal.

Who Can Benefit?

Professionals, Students, Veterans, Elderly- Pretty much anyone!  

You do not have to be a good writer or even be interested in writing to do this. If you can make a list you can write therapeutically! This is not about creativity, spelling, or grammar. It is about self reflection and movement in the direction of your choice.

For Journal Therapy

For Poetry Therapy



About Training

In addition  to being a licensed psychotherapist, I am trained in both Journal and Poetry therapy, and  am credentialed through IFBPT to train others to become Poetry Therapists.

Journal Therapy: The intentional and purposeful use of journaling to help move towards a desired result

Poetry Therapy: The use of poetry to assist in expression of emotions to help manage trauma, depression, grief, loss etc.

I offer supervision, peer group experience, and online/in person classes as a part of the training.