Therapeutic Writing 

What is it?

Therapeutic Writing is a  clinically proven, intentional and systematic writing activity that leads towards recovery and growth


Who can do it?

Anyone can do this! You don’t have to be a good writer to do this

Do I have to show my writing to anyone?

Not at all. Share only if you are comfortable. We have well-established protocols in place of protecting your privacy (and your emotions) during this process.


What can I gain from the courses offered here?

  • Understand how to move away from “regular” writing and use writing therapeutically

  • Learn about the three qualities of therapeutic writing

  • Create a tool box of techniques that you can pick and choose from

  • Learn a skill set that will last you a life time


How can just “writing” impact anything in my life?

Writing therapeutically helps in creating new neural pathways in our brain. That is, it helps make the thought patterns tangible and allows us to create a new way of thinking/being. This process of reflection and change is done safely in the pages of the Journal. You become your own therapist!


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