Anjana Deshpande, MBA, LCSW

Certified Journal and Poetry Therapist

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my site!

I believe that humans are capable of making meaning of their experiences, and I see myself as a conduit for helping them create this meaning .

I gravitate towards the positive psychology school of thought and have great interest in Post Traumatic Growth and how to help clients move towards it. I believe that the primary aim of therapy is to improve the quality of the client’s life, and I endeavor to do that through an eclectic mix of therapeutic approaches.

I am informed by my own experience as a traveler, and belonging to a “third culture” and feel that it helps me work with people who feel they “don’t fit” or “don’t belong”. I also work well with those who are in a transition phase in their life.  I have primarily worked with adults, older adults and have had experience working with veterans.

My subject expertise extends to therapeutic writing which I have been teaching for the past 18 years, and this often (not always) forms the structure around which the therapeutic relationship is built.